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Wheat Crop

An initiative devoted to regenerative farmers, healing the land

We are a community collaboration that brings together farmers, bakers, chefs, and eaters across America. Our highest quality product is the farmers we work with and the regenerative farming practices that they utilize. The farmers are the winds of change in partnership with the community that supports them.

Know your farmer

We want to connect our farmers to the consumer.  Each bag of flour, cornmeal or grits tells a story.

Our farmers are committed to raising crops using regenerative practices on their operations and they all have the same mission: improving soil health and peoples lives.

Each bag of products includes features that connect the consumer with the farm and family that grows the grains.

Heritage Ground

We are committed to helping farmers establish vertically integrated systems.  Our brand, Heritage Ground, allows farmers to sell their products directly to consumers without having to spend all their time direct marketing.  This approach allows them to maintain a focus on what regen farmer do best: grow quality grain.

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